Learn the Teaching of the Buddha


English Dhamma Talk By Venerable Ajahn Sucitto - Cittaviveka Monastery, UK.

4 July, 2020


Time - 16:00H-18:00H CET

The International Buddhist foundation, Geneva, Switzerland is pleased to invite you for an English Dhamma Talk & Discussion.

IBF Sunday Morning Guided Meditation (English)


Time - 10:00H-11:00H CET

The International Buddhist Foundation in Geneva invites you to a Guided Meditation hour every Sunday morning from 10:00H-11:00H CET. Please feel free to also share with family and friends who might be interested in deepening their meditation practice.

Wednesday Dharma Deshanava & Sakachchava (Sinhala)


Time – 18:00 CET to 20:00 CET

Wednesday Dhamma sermon, and discussion with the participants, based on fundamental teachings of dhamma with a focus on practical application in day to day life situations.Led by Ven Halyale Wimalratne, President of the IBF and Chief Incumbent.

Dhamma School and Sinhala Language Classes


Time – 16:00 CET to 18:00 CET

Saturday Dhamma school and Sinhala language classes for children and the young at heart.

Sunday Sutra Deshana & Sakachchava ( Sinhala )


Time – 17:00 CET to 19:00 CET

Sunday Sutta class – a systematic teaching of Budda’s discourses in Majjima Nikaya.